About us
UAB "Smūgis" was established in 1992, since 1994 the taxi activity is carried out.
The taxi company has experienced taxi drivers who are well-known for the streets and surroundings of Kaunas. All drivers meet the high standards of professionalism and personal qualities.
All passenger vehicles are in good technical condition, because every six months there passes a special taxi check-up.
Not only cars, but also passengers traveling by car are heavily risked.
almost all cars have special taxi numbers, can drive a bus, so less time is lost in traffic jams and more quickly reaches the destination.
There are also cars capable of carrying passengers up to seven seating places.
The company organizes carriage of passengers using the "KVIEČIU TAKSI" program, which selects the nearest free taxi car and calculates the cost of the trip at the rates set by the Company, and passengers can find out the preliminary cost of the trip and the planned route.
 Passengers are informed of an incoming car by SMS, which includes the order ID code, according to which they can check on the route and paid for it.
It's very easy to use with this gadget, it's not even necessary to install it, it's enough to type in words in the web search "KVIEČIU TAKSI"